Building partnerships

  • We build and maintain strong relationships with a wide variety of suppliers, giving us access to an extensive and consistent range of diamonds.
  • Highly active on an international level, we aim to supply a large variety of products and services tailored to the specific needs of our clients: merchants, jewellery manufacturers, distributors and jewellers.
  • Through our continuous involvement within the industry for several decades, we have gained an excellent understanding of the market’s behaviour allowing us to always be a step ahead of our competitors.
  • Our products

    Eastern Diamond’s inventory collection consists of a broad range of products including:

  • Certificates 1.00 cts and bigger HRD/GIA/IGI
  • Certificates from 0.50 until 0.99 HRD/GIA/IGI
  • Specialised in small goods, from 0.01 to 0.10 cts, and pointers from 0.10 to 0.90 cts
  • Calibrated lines of Princess cuts, Baguettes, Emerald cuts, etc. (we do the work for you!)
  • Couples/matching pairs

    Our services

  • Customer satisfaction is a core priority - the supply of goods has always been central in our business, but we believe that in today’s market, the service to the customer is more important than ever. We look after our clients by offering the best possible variety of services.
  • Consulting - we guide our customers by giving them advice on diamond prices and market trends. Having been involved in the diamond industry for a great number of years we are familiar with market movements and tendencies.
  • Moreover, we wish to maintain strong relationships with all our customers by ensuring they are welcomed here in Antwerp. We recommend hotel accommodation in the city, as well as restaurants and other must seen places.